ESIC – International MBA

Modalidad: Presencial en Madrid y Shanghai

International MBA (ESIC)

ESIC Business and Marketing School (ESIC) and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) have joined forces to create a unique and pioneering International MBA for businesswomen/men designed to enhance their management and leadership skills and provide them with the expertise to solve complex challenges in an increasingly globalized environment. Upon completion, participants will receive two MBA degrees from two prestigious institutions: ESIC IMBA + SISU MBA.

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Información General


  • 18 months
  • Full Time
  • 55% in Madrid (Spain) 45% in Shanghai (China)
  • 100% English
  • 94% Employability

Why International MBA?

  • 2 Business Enviroments
  • 2 Degrees
  • Cross-cultural Exprience
  • Entrepreneurial Environments

Spain & Madrid

Spain is home to seven of the FT Global 500 companies and six of the Euro Stoxx 50. In addition, the country offers the opportunity to develop and strengthen business links with China and Latin America thanks to its close relationship with these regions. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city of great cultural and historical interest. It is also one of Europe’s largest cities and a major business and financial centre.

China & Shanghai

China, along with other emerging economies, is the main strategic objective of most multinational corporations as it has been widely accepted that they will be the drivers of growth in the next decade. In Shanghai, China’s largest city, participants will gain first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities to be found in Asia, especially in China. It is a multicultural city and a major financial centre, dubbed the gateway for business in China.

Structure of Program

A place for the West and East to meet In-depth understanding of Eastern and Western business practices to seize business opportunities in an increasingly complex global environment.

A program designed for borderless management and global elites Strong emphasis on inter-cultural and cross-border management in a multi-national group to sharpen participants’ business vision. First-hand global business experience.

Participants become conversant with the reality and complexity of doing business in the West and East.


This strong partnership between two leading Chinese and European institutions is a beacon for globally-focused professionals to acquire the insight, expertise, networks, and mindset to become successful executives and managers in tomorrow’s business environment.

This International MBA is for people looking for a truly international and global business career.



  • Economics for Decision Making
  • Accountin for Decision Making
  • Management information Systems
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • International Business Management
  • Business Ethics & CSR


  • Human Resources Management
  • Data Modelling & Decision Making
  • Corporate Finance
  • Electives (three):
    • Simulation
    • Brand Management in Fashion and Luxury
    • Public Relations
    • International Finance
    • Marketing for Specific Sectors and Products
    • Innovation Management
    • Value Creation and Sports Management
    • Neuromarketing
    • Designing Competitive Organizations in the Digital Ecosystem
    • International Marketing off-line/on-line
    • Managing intangibles
    • International B2B
    • New management skills in a VUCA world
    • International Marketing
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